Monday, September 8, 2008

Ok Bailout

Your hearing the government has bailed freddie and fannie out. The government may pay as much as 200 bil dollars over the next 5 years. The government will run it for a period of time. Well think again. Its the government trying to cover up its own and stupid peoples mistakes at the harm of our children and grandchildren.
So markets will ride high for a while until the bill has to be paid. And it will not be paid by the government, but by the people. A real low point here in our history matter what the government says.

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Trebouldaz said...

Well by what is being spread around in congress on undertones. The war on terrorism is about over, and days apparently changing from average tank and troop wars, and moving more towards the area of power and money struggles throughout countries. so the countries in power are going to be difined by who has the most money. At the moment doesn't look to good for the U.S. cause we already have alot of people to pay back.