Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End Times?

I must admit to anyone reading this I am far from a dooms day type person. But there have been some things happen over the last year or so that really make the hair stand up on the back of my neck sometimes.

I have been expounding on the economic front for six months now and things seem to be getting worse every couple of weeks with a rest in between.

The most striking thing that I see going on is the hopelessness and flat out throwing of money at problems from out of nowhere that the men in power seem to be behind. This coupled with the global magnitude of these problems that seems to be lurking overhead at any moment make some biblical prophesies much easier to believe than I ever thought could happen in my lifetime.

In Revelation it talks about someone coming into power that will apparently be able to solve these problems in a miraculous form or fashion. Taking power of the entire earth
and the people are glad to have him if for no other reason than peace.

Granted if true, it might not happen tomorrow or in my lifetime. But one thing the past year has taught me is that it can happen and we are much closer to that time than just a year ago.

And just who is this Barak Obama?


cailean said...

Civilizations have been rising and falling for thousands of years. I wouldn't call anything about today's turmoil all that surprising or new. Even in the last century things habe been less stable than today (World Wars I and II).

Trebouldaz said...

Im not sue about everything seemingly about to be ok. We still have troops overseas and we all know bush plans on sending more that way. Then you have AIG needing a 700 billion dollar bailout plan and there not even sure that that is going to help. If anything Obama gonna have a deep hole to dig the U.S. out of. To top it off he is black. So you know the U.S. already got a a crooked look at him anyway. Truthfully the only I see something biblical happening is if Obama get a miracle of great measure somehow. By the way my email is you can email me at this address.