Monday, July 14, 2008

Bail out Bail out Bail out

Well here we go again. Freddie and Fanny rescued by not the government like the headlines read. WRONG!!! Remember the government has no money(see previous article). So you and me and everyone else is going to bail out this boat one more time. I didnt sign up for this or give it my approval, did you?
When are we going to learn that the government needs to step out of the way and let things happen. The real tragedy is that instead of us... the stupid people that got us in this mess taking the hit we will just hand it off to our grandchildren. What a bunch of weak cowards we are... My head is hanging low this morning.

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Patricia Rockwell said...

I am with you. I pay my mortgage every month; I have never missed a payment. Now I am going to have to pay for all those people who got themselves into mortgages they couldn't afford.