Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Surviving the times

What I intend to do with this is write about what effects people in their daily lives all across the globe. Interesting tidbits of information that will help people get better results from their business and personal lives.
The inter net has provided the world with the opportunity to form a closer nit community if we will use it that way.
In just a few hours the Federal Reserve chairman of the United States will address congress about the condition of the American economy. The general theme will be business as usual. This seems to have become a cat and mouse game as to who can hide, cover, stall off, sugar coat our inevitable economic catastrophes.
I liken it to if on the Titanic the captain told the people on board that we had only sunk 2 feet there is still 500 feet to go, don't worry. We will bail a little water out and sink slowly. Enjoy yourself a little longer. And the band played on.....
FACE YOUR PROBLEMS MAN!!!!! That's what my mother taught me. Why can't our government do it like a MAN.
So how do we survive? for the truth. Get yourself multiple steams of income coming in and hold on....More on this in a future post.

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