Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Last of the Big Cons

Ok This is it folks, the last of the big cons until it's all dumped in the lap of our next President.

By now you should be hearing or seeing some signs of relief in the stock market, the price of gold and oil should drop back, and the dollar should begin to show signs of strength.

But remember what I said earlier, it is all an illusion..... to make everyone feel happy days are on their way back.

This illusion is not at all based on real facts. We are not finding more natural resources, building more things from scratch, producing more food or food stuffs.

Remember the illusion is the government bailing out the financial markets on BORROWED MONEY. The government putting BORROWED MONEY into the hands of the American public to spend. The government putting BORROWED MONEY into the defense infrastructure and the list goes on and on. All the while the gullible American public will think the government has helped them out of a bad situation. THE CON BELLS AND WHISTLES ARE GOING OFF FOLKS.....

And remember the government never ever pays back borrowed money................YOU and I do.
Sorry to make this sound so simplistic but I'm afraid the general public is getting hoodwinked and really does not understand.

More to come.

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Trebouldaz said...

All this money that is getting tossed around kinda makes me wonder, where is all this money coming from that we are borrowing because if we are borrowing form the wrong people Im pretty sure it could have some horrible outcomes. China is looking strong nowadays.